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7 Proven SEO Techniques You Can Try

SEO has become a buzzword this year and there’s a reason why: it’s a proven unpaid set of techniques that will help get more website traffic thus increasing the chances of getting more sales. For something that is quite beneficial to a business, you’d be surprised at how many people haven’t started with their SEO. If you’re one of those, then you’ve come to the right place.

Get Started with SEO with These 7 Proven Techniques

So you’re just starting with your SEO efforts. Is it too late? It’s not but we’re not going to deny that you have to act fast in order to put your efforts in place. SEO may be a long-term process but it keeps changing because consumer behavior changes drastically. Follow these SEO techniques to help you get started.

1. Design your website well

When we say, “design your website well”, we don’t mean that you have to put more color or that you need to put a lot of images. Web design is not just about aesthetics when we talk about SEO. This means that your site has to be structured in a way that makes sense to your audience.

2. Use long-tail keywords

Keywords are critical parts of SEO. Without any keywords, your site will barely rank, so it’s important to know which keywords to use.

Long-tail keywords often feel like they’re not going to help your site rank, but it’s quite the contrary. The more specific your keywords are, the more relevant your site becomes to the right people. Long-tail keywords such as “the best smartwatches under $150” will work a lot better than just a plain keywords “smartwatch”.

3. Generate well-written content

Aside from keywords, content will greatly affect your SEO because they will help determine how relevant your site is to a certain audience. Search engines are smart – they can identify well-written content from those that aren’t. Hence if your site doesn’t have relevant and well-written content, don’t expect to rank on the first page.


4. Use keywords in the right places

Here’s another technique for using keywords: use them in the right places. We can’t stress this enough. Just because you know a keyword works doesn’t mean that you will put them all over your content. That’s just misleading. It also makes your content unreadable.

Instead of having a keyword overload, place keywords on titles, meta descriptions, tags, and headings. This way, they make more sense to the reader. It also helps structure your articles better.

5. Practice link building

Link building is when you have sites that link to your website or when you link to other relevant and credible sites. Link building not only increases your relevance to search engines; it also builds credibility especially when credible sites link to your site.

The other side of link building is when you link out to other authoritative sites. Now you might be asking why you want people to leave your page. You don’t, but this is all part of the exchange that you can give to other sites especially when you want them to have links to your website. It’s a give and take relationship here.

6. Make your URL SEO-friendly

While a lot of people can forgive an unrecognizable URL with a bunch of alphanumeric symbols, it’s not the best way to optimize your SEO. A meaningful URL can help search engines to determine the relevance of your page to its users. It will help guide search engine bots to identify your page’s content. That way, your page shows up when a user types keywords the same with your page’s.

7. Maximize your social media platforms.

A lot of people are in social media even if they use search engines to look for answers to their questions. To boost your SEO efforts, you have to optimize your social media so that you can drive traffic to your site. Link-building works here, too. Besides, what better way to increase traffic by making content that’s relevant, shareable, and visible?

These seven proven techniques can be your first steps in SEO. With these techniques, you can start off on the right footing and increase quality web traffic in a few weeks. Want to know more about other SEO techniques by an SEO Houston company? Give us a call so we can help you out.

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5 Most Popular Houston Malls

People go to the malls for many different reasons. Some go to unwind, some go to meet with friends, while others go shopping and dine out, and some just want a change of view or environment. Whatever the reason is, you’d want something that will make your visit worthwhile. So, if you are visiting Houston, Texas, or are living in the area, here are the top malls that will not disappoint you:

  1. The Galleria

The Galleria is the largest mall in the whole of Texas and has over 30 million visitors every year. This is a great place to bring your family as there’s something to do for everyone. It has 400 fine stores, two high-rise Westin hotels, and restaurants for different cuisines. It is a popular destination for both tourists and locals.

The Galleria has a play area for kids, an ice rink, swimming pools, banks, high-end shops, beauty salons, and even a postal office. It also has a huge parking space and even valet parking stations. You, your family and your friends will never get bored at The Galleria. Almost everything you need can be found in this enormous shopping center.

  1. Memorial City Mall

Built during the 1960s, the Memorial City Mall has undergone a complete renovation in 2000. Located at Memorial City Way, it carries not only top fashion brands but also mid-priced brands. Aside from the retail stores, you can also find several food choices in their food court.

Aside from retail shops and food and drinks, you can also find pet services, fitness, gifts, and entertainment. Some of the interesting events they have are video game nights, movies, fitness sessions, and ice skating. This shopping center may be smaller than The Galleria but you’ll surely enjoy hanging out at this place.

  1. River Oaks District

If you want a nice ambiance, high-end shops, and upscale meals, the River Oaks District is the place to be. Even if it’s your first time to visit the place, you won’t get lost because it has directory stations everywhere. Some restaurants offer outdoor dining that offers a great view.

What keeps River Oaks District apart from other shopping centers is its theater. The River Oaks Theater was built in 1939 and up until this day, it continues to serve and entertain its guests. Apart from food and fashion, you can also purchase home furniture and gift items. They also have spa services where you can relax. Same with The Galleria, this mall offers valet parking, private lot parking, garage parking, and even parking for bikes.

  1. Vintage Park Houston

This shopping center was established in 2008 that was inspired by an Italian shopping center. You can relax outside by just admiring the beautiful landscape and comforting fountain. The inside is Mediterranean-inspired. The place is clean and carries some unique stores.

Aside from shopping and dining, you can find services for health and wellness, business, and entertainment. If you have nothing to do on a Friday night, enjoy live music between Cantina Mexican Restaurant and Coco Crepes. They don’t offer valet parking but the parking space is huge and there’s also a space for bikes.

  1. Highland Village

If you’ve experienced the beautiful and brightly lit Highland Village which has been a custom now, then say thanks to the owner of the Highland Village shopping center. It was built in 1957 but the landscape has been well-maintained.

Although they are known for high-end stores, they also carry numerous retail stores for every budget. It’s a one-stop shop for all your needs, such as home, clothing, gifts, and food. The place offers valet and private lot parking. The place is always clean and it has a very comfortable lobby.

Be sure to visit these malls one of these days with your family and friends. Everyone will definitely have a great time.…

The Houston Shakespeare Festival brings the works of William Shakespeare to the Bayou City

The Houston Shakespeare Festival (HSF) has traditionally attracted the best actors and actresses in the country. This year’s occasion is no exception, with a slew of notable regional figures en route to the Bayou City for Bard’s yearly celebration.

The festival, put on by the University of Houston’s School of Theatre & Dance, offers free midsummer performances of Shakespeare’s classics at Miller Outdoor Theatre. From July 31 to August 9, HSF will offer “Macbeth” (directed by Jack Young, director of UH’s Graduate Acting Program) and “The Merchant of Venice” (directed by guest artist Tiger Reel).

Mirron Willis, a well-known Texas actor, will reprise his roles as Antonio in “The Merchant of Venice” and Banquo in “Macbeth” at HSF. Willis played the title character in “Henry IV, 1” and the Duke in “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” in HSF in 2014. Willis has starred in several television shows and films. He spent three years with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and performed extensively with Ensemble Theatre. He’s also a seasoned book narrator, having completed over 100 projects.

Tracie Thomason is a writer.

Tracie Thomason, a fellow Lone Star State performer (and a UH alumna), returns to the festival as Lady Macbeth in “Macbeth” and Nerissa in “The Merchant of Venice.” In 2011, Thomason played Kate in “The Taming of the Shrew” and Desdemona in “Othello” with HSF. Thomason has also performed at the American Shakespeare Center in Virginia, the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival. She’s worked with Stages and Classical Theatre Company in Houston.

Adam Noble and Young, both professional actors and teachers at the University of Houston’s School of Theatre and Dance, will play essential parts. In “Macbeth,” Noble will play the title character, while in “The Merchant of Venice,” he will play the Constable. In “The Merchant of Venice,” Young reprises his role as Shylock. He played this character in a Shakespeare Walla Walla production of this play (also directed by Reel) in 2013.

Young explained, “Shylock sneaked up on me.” “I’ve performed some major Shakespearean characters before, but I hadn’t given Shylock much thought. Some combination of his outsider status and being a father to a daughter ignited a core connection that I feel strongly about.”

Geraldo Anzaldua, who played MacDuff in “Macbeth” and Gratiano in “Merchant of Venice,” and David Matranga, who played Ross in “Macbeth” and Salanio in “The Merchant of Venice,” are among the returning HSF company members.

HSF has attracted a who’s who of prominent actors since its inception in 1975. Seth Gilliam, Brandon Dirden, Crystal Dickinson, Mark Metcalf, Cindy Pickett, Ken Ruta, and Dan O’Herlihy are previous HSF performers. Leading regional directors such as Leah C. Gardiner, Marc Masterson, Steve Pickering, and Paul Steger have recently directed HSF productions.…

Conservatory of the Houston Festivals Company

The Houston Shakespeare Festival puts up a season of two Shakespeare plays in repertory every summer. HSF had entertained over half a million theatregoers with free performances at Hermann Park’s Miller Outdoor Theatre since its beginning in 1975. The festival’s audience is as diverse as Houston itself, with many people attending their first live theatre performance.

The Houston Shakespeare Festival has evolved into one of the most important summer entertainment events in Houston. HSF is an Equity-accredited theatre.

Learn how you can help the Houston Shakespeare Festival by clicking here.

The Houston Shakespeare Festival Conservatory (HSFC) is a 17-day summer camp for high school students that focuses on Shakespeare performance and exposes students to the professional theatre world. Students will live in the University of Houston Cougar Village dorms and attend classes at the School of Theatre & Dance, performing at the Miller Outdoor Theatre.

The HSF Conservatory is aimed to provide high school students with the following opportunities:

Acting, voice, text analysis, stage fighting, and much more are covered in one-on-one Master Classes with industry professionals.

Opportunity in front of over 25,000 people at Houston’s top summer theatre festival

Create and perform a presentation of monologues and scenes.

At Miller Outdoor Theatre, create and perform two Green Shows and Shakespearean Sonnets.

When: From Friday, July 22 through Sunday, August 7, 2016.

The University of Houston is the location.

The School of Theatre and Dance is a professional training programme for actors and dancers.

Houston, TX 77204-4016 3351 Cullen Blvd.

Tuition: $1,400.00, This includes accommodation and board as well as a food plan on the University of Houston campus.

A deposit of $ 250.00 is required.

Application Instructions:

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW BEING ACCEPTED! To be considered for the 2015 HSFC Ensemble, submit your application now. The application deadline is Friday, May 13, 2016. EARLY REGISTRATION IS STRONGLY ADVISED! To ensure quality and individual attention for each participant, HSFC limits its enrolment to 15 pupils.…